The future of ArachnoBeeA…

After realizing the dimensions and impact of our project’s success, we are carefully considering its future. We are currently at a crossroads, considering the possible paths ahead of us and we want to be able to take any of them.

Our goal is to continue the research and development of ArachnoBeeA, especially in the areas of indoor location, sensors and sensory systems (proximity and other) and computer vision. We are working on modifying and improving the mechanical subsystems in order to get better navigational precision and situation awareness, more flexible usage, better robustness, more maneuverability and better response time for any action.

Our multidisciplinary team is prepared for the challenges ahead of us – whether we are required to create a commercial solution or an experimental prototype.

We are open to contacts with industrial representatives and investors in order to ensure funding of the project and seeing our baby put to work the best way possible.

More more info about the project and the team, feel free to contact us at


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