What is ArachnoBeeA

ArachnoBeeA – helping astronauts achieve greatness.

This project was originally conceived and created for NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2015 competition, by a group of enthusiastic engineers and designers of various backgrounds.

The ArachnoBeeA project was part of a robotics-related challenge entitled “ZERO GEE Bee – Your Friendly Neighborhood Drone”, whose main task was to build a quad-copter-like drone that would be able to transport objects in any kind of spacecraft.

We took this challenge even further, designing a completely autonomous drone, aware of its location and surroundings, capable of navigating its way around the station, avoiding collision, locating particular objects, as well as astronauts and keeping track of their movement, fine navigating and picking up objects, recharging, etc.

In solving these problems we used already existing and proven technologies like RfId, quad-copter design and off-the-shelf components, but we also used some of the cutting edge tech like RF based indoor location systems, computer vision algorithms etc.

Our vision is to have easy-to-install-next-to-no-modifications-needed ad hoc system for an autonomous, adaptable, multipurpose assistant for space crafts.

We already implemented some parts of this complex, all-encompassing system, and our goal is to create a solution ready for production and commercial use. We are grateful to NASA for acknowledging and rewording our efforts, but for us, this is just the beginning of our Odyssey to boldly go where no man has gone before!


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