ArachnoBeeA Cyta Award Gallery

Following our achievement,  Cyta representatives, Cyprus Space Exploration Organization representatives, Cyprus Youth Organization representative and Cyprus Minister  of Telecommunications organized a ceremony in our honor.

In the ceremony, among our friends, family members and colleagues, representatives of embassies of Serbia, Romania and Ukraine (countries that some of our members come from)  and representatives of United States Embassy in Nicosia were also invited and did us a great honor and showed up.

Ceremony was held in Cyta Amphitheater at Cyta headquarters in Nicosia.

Part of the team that operates from Cyprus was delighted to participate and it showed up, unfortunately without our colleagues that work from Serbia, but the whole team was delighted with this amazing opportunity for us.

We are grateful to our friends from these organisations, for helping us and believing in us. We hope we will continue doing great deeds and make you proud.


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